A legal consultant is a vital resource to even the most sophisticated, "best-in-class" legal departments - experienced legal consultants can bring management expertise, propriety industry knowledge, insights into best-in-class practices, and an objective viewpoint.

Effective legal consultants takes a "holistic" and  "360-degree" approach to identifying and implementing significant and impactful ways to leverage people, processes and technology.  Typical engagements help in-house clients improve effectiveness and reduce legal spend by 5-20% on average. This approach is what begins the process of "Putting the Personal Back in Personal Injury."


Corporate legal departments have been saturated with excellent legal expertise from outside counsel; however, there have been few advisers who have offered effective management consulting advice to personal injury legal department leaders.

Brijbag has extensive experience identifying personal injury legal department opportunities for improvement and recommending practical implementable solutions as they practice personal injury.  With an extensive background on the provider side, he has spent significant time managing cases and claimants. 

Our legal consulting approach always begins with a diagnostic.  We perform an assessment of the current organization and how that organization might be optimized to further support the business goals. We look at how both structure, processes, and people are contributing to the effectiveness of the department, and recommend alternative approaches, when warranted. 


Brijbag is a leading legal department consultant dedicated to helping lead corporate legal departments with their most important management challenges.  We design and deliver management consulting solutions that enable our  clients to achieve leadership within their industry, enhance core legal and management capabilities, and operate at superior levels of performance.

As legal department consulting is still a relatively new field, we invite you to speak to us to gain a better understanding of how we have helped the legal departments of Fortune 500 companies improve their performance. 

Understanding where your department is on the journey, and how progress on that path can be accelerated is a critical first step.  Brijbag's expertise and knowledge of leading departments "best-practices" are reasons why legal department leaders speak to him first when they want to get started.   Meaningful, sustainable improvements are not easy in the complex in-house legal context - an early conversation with an objective outside expert can improve the chances of success significantly. 

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