"Ultimately I am excited at the possibility of capturing something that exists within our peripheral vision and moving it to the front of our minds." ~ Brian Brijbag


As a young child in Brooklyn, my Surinamese grandmother would, after having swept out the apartment, brush that same broom along my legs to empower them with strength.  Years later I find myself in the Amazonian Jungles of Ecuador interacting with a young girl who flies into fits of rage and convulsions.  Her grandmother takes her broom and beats her young nieta to get the demons out of her.   Two grandmothers with two brooms enacting out two very different rituals. It is these types of experiences that have brought me to pursue the most human of the sciences – Anthropology. ​

"Why do certain people call it “soda” while others call it “pop”?  Are rodeo clowns a type of ritual performance?  Why can’t people in the City of Brotherly Love come to terms on what a “Philly’s Cheesesteak” actually is? I found myself sorting through this everyday role of anthropologist as street philosopher" ~ Brian Brijbag

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